Five Levels of UV Tanning

The best from the best!  TanAmerica, the Indoor Tanning Industries Leader, is proud to offer the Santa Barbara.  This high quality system is designed to deliver an outstanding luxury tanning experience.  Like the Pacifica, the Santa Barbara has been designed to blend elegance with serviceability.  Exposure time: 15 minutes.

The Pacifica - Raising the bar!  This Level 3 system will meet your expectations for an upgrade experience.  Luxurious and uncompromising comfort, the 39 lamp Pacifica features a combination of 160/100 watt reflector lamps and 400 watt facials.  This UVA tanning system has been designed to blend elegance, serviceability with a 12 minute exposure time.

The SunScape- is our level 4 stand-up bed. It features high performance, UVA bronzing bulbs. Stand-up tanning allows for underarm tanning and other hidden areas that may not tan with a lay down bed. This bed's maximum exposure time is 8 minutes.

The Ergoline 450 Classic - This bed imparts excellent tanning results with a perfect combination of a high bronzing, low reddening effect.  It entails 4 - 400 watt max high pressure facial tanning lamps and 48-160 watt turbo power body tanning lamps with a reflecting neck tanner.  In addition it features a relaxing body shaped acrylic and an extra wide flat base surface with head rest.  It allows an amazing amount of movement so that you can find just the right position.  This bed has a maximum of 12 minute exposure time along with a comfort cooling ventilation, cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets that can be continuously adjusted to keep you cool.

The L22 Matrix combines high-pressure tanning and a massaging mattress to create a lavish tanning experience.  A handheld remote controls 4 individual massaging motors with 3 levels of intensity, allowing you to target specific parts of the body, or provide you with an all body experience.  The top canopy houses 22 high-pressure cassettes making this the most effective, dynamic tanning system on the market.  The lamps are configured to provide you an option to direct more energy to your upper body or your legs simply by alternating the head end.  Maximum exposure time is 16 minutes, 8 minutes per side.

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